Visa Free Countries

Bangladeshi Passport holder can visit the following Countries . Buy the Air Ticket from us to know the route from us . 

1. Bahamas (Four Week Up)
II. Barbados (six Month)
3. Dominica (six Month)
4. Fiji (four Month)
5. Gambia (three Month)
6. Granada (three Month)
7. Haiti (three Month)
8. Jamaica
9. Lesotho (three Month)
10. Malaoyi (three Month)
11. Micronesia (One Month)
1. St. Kitts And Nevis
13. St. Vincent And The Granadinasa (One Month)
14. Trinidad And Tobago
15. Vanuatu (one Month)
16. Montserrat (three Month)
17. Turks And Cicero Island (one of the Month)
18. British Virginia Island (one of the Month)
19. Makronesiya (One Month)
0. Niue (one Month)

Bangladeshi Passport Visa Without To go Can, however There Reached
Visa To Will Such Countries Are:

1. Bhutan
II. Bolivia (three Month Visa)
3. Cape Verde
4. Comoros
5. Guinea Bissau (three Month)
6. Madagascar (three Month)
7. Maldives (One Month)
8. Maoritaniya
9. Mozambique (one Month)
10. Nepal (One Month)
11. Nicaragua (three Month)
1. Timaraleste (One Month)
13. Togo (seven Day)
14. Tuvalu (One Month)
15. Uganda
16. Burundi
17. Djibouti (A Month)
18. Azerbaijan (one Month)
19. Macau (One Month)

The Passport Should Visa Take Not Then Special Approval Take Such Countries Are:

1. Cuba (Tourist Card Raised To Will expire Three Month)
II. Samoa (entrance Permit If The term Two Month)
3. Secelesa (trips Permit Stay Will expire One Month)
4. Somalia (the Country Stay Someone Sponsored When Visa Reached Make
Can the Term Will One Months. Then Somalia Reach Two days Before The
Airport The The To keep If)
5. Sri Lanka (trips For Electronic Approval, expiration One Month)
6.  Laos (Government Any Tour Archives Should Visa Need Will No)